Who we are

A non-profit organization located in Baltimore, Maryland was established in June 2013. The purpose of the organization is to provide homeless, veterans, individuals recovering from substance and alcohol abuse with supportive housing. Our organization will provide supportive services to assist each Mi Casa Es Su Casa family member with becoming independent and model positive behavior while living in the community.

We also interact with other oraganizations to building a vaible resource base for our clients to assist each individual with successful living.


We believe at Mi Casa Es Su Casa, that each individual has unique circumstances and precipitating factors during his transitional stage. As a result our highly trained staff will engage each individual based upon their specific need.

About Mi Casa Es Su Casa

We believe that each individual should be afforded social, emotional, recreational, spiritual, and educational fulfillment to overcome any obstacle to achieve a better quality of life. We accomplish this by exposing the individuals to a stimulating adult environment. i.e. sporting events, traveling, the arts, community gatherings and educational/school.

Our basic premise is that all people should be afforded equally the basic tools of survival, which are food, clothing and shelter. Mi Casa Es Su Casa is geared to assisting individuals that lack the basic needs. We will skillfully equip each individual that passes through our doors with the knowledge to live independently or within the Mi Casa Es Su Casa Family Unit.

Team Bio

Carlton Carrington is partnering founder and Executive Director of Mi Casa Es Su Casa Behavioral Health Program. Carlton also shares the passion as a frontline soldier making a difference in the community. Carlton’s community activism was passed onto him early in his life by his grandmother Ms. Laura Carrington, the Appointed President of the Residents Advisory Board by former Mayor Schaffer. Ms. Carrington who was a staple of community activism in the east Baltimore neighborhood of Perkins Homes. “I remember Mayor Schaefer sitting in my grandmother’s kitchen eating breakfast most mornings.” “My grandmother would also have coins for bus fare stacked up to give anyone in the neighborhood who needed it daily”. Carlton’s leadership vision as community activist, mentor and basketball coach to many young men throughout Baltimore City was passed to him honestly. Carlton has always coached and mentored young men as an AAU basketball coach for Nike for the last 20 years. Cultivating the early careers of NBA athletes Carmelo Anthony, Will Barton, and Donte Green and many others into college sports. Coach Bub as he is known in the basketball community is the go to guy in Baltimore to see who the next hottest prospect coming out of Baltimore by coaches and agents on the college and professional level.

Antoinette Thomas, LCPC, LCADS, NCC…..A native of Baltimore City, is compelled by her authenticity to assist and exists within the Baltimore community. She attended Baltimore City public schools and received her post Graduate degree in Clinical Psychology at Johns Hopkins University. She is currently the Clinical Director at Mi Casa Es Su Casa Behavioral Health Program and is honored to be a part of such a dedicated team. For over 20 years, she has worked with vulnerable families, youth and the underserved populations with substance use and severe mental health issues in high-risk communities to learn how to stabilize and maintain their lives to recover from addiction and heal from traumatic experiences. She has learned first-hand how this information can make a difference in any type of life altering situation. Ms. Thomas goal is to develop programs that encourage hope and healing within our family units to make changes that are instrumental in improving government laws.

Martin McNair one of the founders of MCSCBH program considers himself one of the frontline soldiers and advocates in the reentry and behavioral health arena in Baltimore City. Martin himself was once a reentering citizen after his own bout with substance abuse that landed him in prison physically for three years. “I had been in prison mentally for so long that I didn’t get free from the prison of my own mind until I was imprisoned physically at age 25.” Martin had his first epiphany in his life during his first visit in prison visiting room. Martin made up his mind then that he wanted better for his life. Martin took that opportunity to turn his life around by focusing on his recovery from substance abuse and putting together a plan for his success upon his release. With twenty plus years clean Martin has been a successful entrepreneur with several business ventures. However, no matter how successful he’d become he still had to write his own version of a Scarlet letter explaining his convictions from 20 years ago for which he had paid his debt to society. Martin’s desire to help anyone get on the right path, especially the reentering citizen, has become his calling. In general society does not understand nor can they relate to these citizens and the trails they encounter upon release. However, because of Martin’s firsthand knowledge and experience he has had to face a lot of the challenges that these men face and has beat the odds of returning to a life of substance abuse and the revolving door of the prison system. “I want to see every person that comes through our program win in life.” We like to help people Restore their Dignity while Reducing Recidivism. Our motto at Mi Casa is “You Can’t Think Your Way into Right Living; however, you Can Live Your Way into Right Thinking” if you keep an open mind, have patience and a realistic plan for success. One of Martin’s favorite pastimes is perfecting and enhancing his craft as a public speaker. Martin was the 2014-2015 President of the Catonsville Toastmasters Club. Which is an international public speaking and leadership organization. Under Martin’s leadership he led the club to its 15th year as President Distinguished club recognition, meeting all leadership and educational goals for that year. Martin also enjoys spending time with his 16 year old student athlete son Jordan.

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